Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goldilocks Polvoron

So my friend went to Philippines and bought some nice snacks (kinda of like candies to them) I heard that this brand is pretty much the household brand that everyone knows in the Philippines. I don't know if you can get these in Singapore.

On the website it says: " The polvoron is similar to English Shortbread; a mixture of toasted flour, milk, butter, and sugar cooked and then molded. Available in the plain and flavored variety (ube, with peanut, pinipig)".

To me, it has the texture smilar to a sugary powdery/paste that is very smooth and crumbles easily in the mouth.

Cashew: The cashew flavor contains bits of cashew nuts in the middle.

Peanut: The peanut one taste like those peanut candies rectangles that I used to eat when I was younger. The only difference is that the one I used to eat is a little coarser and the Goldilocks ones are really fine.

Cookies n cream: This is one of my favourite. There are bits of chocolate cookies in it. Kinda of like eating a chunk of powdered milk with cookies bits.

Coffee crumbles: This one tasted like eating coffee powder with nuts. It strange but I kinda of like it. Kinda like eating dried cappucino. Haha.

Pinipig: This one has got rice crisps in the middle of it. Tasted like wholegrain cereal for breakfast.

Original: Pretty much milk powder chunk.

I think I reached my limit by eating all the above at once with a cup of green tea. Too sweet to eat at one go. Probably have like one or two at a time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

So my friend and I decided to try the ramen at Menya Musashi. This is a pretty well known ramen shop in Japan that recently came to Singapore. We went there on a Monday afternoon so there isn't really a long queue, only 4-5 people infront of us. The service is pretty quick and we waited around 5mins.

Piping hot green tea. Seriously hot. $1

I ordered the White Tsukemen (original) with Gyoza at $14.90. I love this ramen very much. It is slightly thicker and more springy than the other ramen I tried. The soup base is very rich with sweetness of the pork bones. The soup is slightly oily but it is so good! I think what really makes this bowl of ramen that awesome is the nitamago (boiled egg) with the semi liquid yolk. The two slices of pork/ chashu is well marinated with rings of visible fats. The layers of meat and fats is adds to the texture,  together with crunchy thinly slice strips of black fungus and a big piece of seaweed. 

The meat and vegetable filling in the gyoza is slightly juicy and tasted really good when dipped in the vinegar. I love the crispy skin with the meat and vegetables. This is pretty oily but nonetheless good.

This $14.90 meal is very filling and it is definitely worth the price. I heard the queue gets super long during weekends so you might like to drop by during weekdays if possible. I must say this is pretty sinful but definitely worth the calories.

Rating 4.5/5

Sunday, July 22, 2012

King's Sweetie and Cutie

Price: $$4.75 (1X8s) 

Location: Fairprice

Hi there! Another cheap ice cream I found that is good. Kind of hard to maintain weight these days. We all die of over consumption. By the way you should check out this lame video by dailygrace. She makes me laugh and I watched her videos when Im stressed out with the piling assignments.

Digressing! Anyway back to the point. The ice cream. The packaging is really kind of LOL especially the female cow. The name of the ice cream is LOL. LOL. Anyway, this credit card size chocolate coated ice cream comes with two flavor, chocolate and vanilla.

I like the outer layer of chocolate. It is not as thick as magnum but it goes really well with the nuts. I'm a 'nut' person so I really like this. You can taste the roasted nuts with fuses well with the chocolate.

I like the vanilla one better.  The ice cream is smooth but if you look closely, you can see very thin ice forming in the center of the ice cream. That's the one thing i didn't like about it. Perhaps my freezer is too cool. I suggest leaving it out a while for the ice cream to soften a little for a smooth texture.

Again, this is not the best ice cream but is cheap and worth the price!

Ratings: 3!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shin Ramyun

Instant noodles Part 2. Introducing my favorite brand of Ramyun. Shin Ramyun is pretty famous in Korean as well as outside of Korean. If you're into Korean dramas, you probably heard if this kind of Ramyun.

These Ramyun comes in packs of 5. The first one is the Potato and Ribs Ramyun. (Pork)

Price: Fairprice, $3.75 (5's)

One thing I love about Shin Ramyun is the springy ramyun. The ramyun is thicker than the usual instant noodles. This is the first time I tried the pork flavor. The soup base of this is thicker I believe it's because of the starch present but you can find bits of potatoes and vegetable in it. Pretty delicious.

The next one is the spicy mushroom flavor, comes in pack of 5 as well.

Price: $3.75

This one is pretty spicy. When eating Shin ramyun, I prefer adding less water to make the soup base thicker. This one comes with vegetables and mushroom bits.

It really goes well with a thick slice of salmon as side. Pretty satisfying! Unhealthy but yummylicious.

Rating: 4/5 Must try!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Myojo Ramen Char Mee

Got this at Fairprice.
Price: $2.10 (5 in a pack)
This is one cheap food. Unhealthy food are always cheaper than healthy food. Last semester when I had to rush for deadlines, I ate  instant noodles daily like for 2 weeks. Didn't really feel well after eating all the processed food. These stuff, we should really only eat them once in a while.

This is one of my favourite. I prefer dried noodles then soup ones. I added prawns to this one!

I really like the taste of this. There is this aromatic sesame oil taste lingering in my mouth. If you add the entire packet of chilli oil, it gets a little spicy. The mee is springy. One mouth of noodle with one bite of the prawn. Nom nom nom. Definitely in my top 10 instant mee that I'd tasted.

Rating : 3.5/5 Delicious!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nando's Chicken @ Jcube

Dinner at Nandos Chicken with friends. The restaurant is famous for their fiery peri peri sauce.

A little story behind "Peri-peri": A young spirited boy went exploring one day and returned late that night with the African Bird's eye Chill "Pili Pili"(Swahili word for 'pepper pepper') It had been shown to him by the African people who named it Pili-Pili. The Portugese boy couln't pronounce "Pili-Pili" and introduced the chillies as Peri-Peri.

1/4 Chicken (Hot) with 2 sidelines: $14.90 My choice was potato salad and Peri Chips.

Sidelines available
Old Styled Chips
Peri Chips
Mediterranean rice
Peri potato salad
Grilled vegetables
Peri 3 Bean Salad
Spiced Rice

My obsession with potatoes. This Peri chips is soft, sprinkled with Peri powder. This isn't really spicy. I love the thick and soft potatoes.

I order the hot peri chicken. The chicken is well marinated and grilled with the Hot Peri sauce. I really like the taste of the chicken. The meat is springy.

Potato salad is delicious. Baby potatoes coated with what taste like a combination of sour cream, lime and green onions. The potatoes are soft and I don't mind eating with the skin on. Potatoes skin contains vitamin C.

Crunchy roll: $5.90

This black stuff is basically milk chocolate and the white stuff are biscuits. It is not crunchy at all so don't let the name fool you. It is really soft and just tasted like milk chocolate with soft biscuits, coated with a layer of sugar. I think it tasted okay but is a little expensive for three bite size biscuit. It would have been better if it is dark chocolate instead.

Rating: 4/5

The nandos chicken is awesome.