Sunday, July 22, 2012

King's Sweetie and Cutie

Price: $$4.75 (1X8s) 

Location: Fairprice

Hi there! Another cheap ice cream I found that is good. Kind of hard to maintain weight these days. We all die of over consumption. By the way you should check out this lame video by dailygrace. She makes me laugh and I watched her videos when Im stressed out with the piling assignments.

Digressing! Anyway back to the point. The ice cream. The packaging is really kind of LOL especially the female cow. The name of the ice cream is LOL. LOL. Anyway, this credit card size chocolate coated ice cream comes with two flavor, chocolate and vanilla.

I like the outer layer of chocolate. It is not as thick as magnum but it goes really well with the nuts. I'm a 'nut' person so I really like this. You can taste the roasted nuts with fuses well with the chocolate.

I like the vanilla one better.  The ice cream is smooth but if you look closely, you can see very thin ice forming in the center of the ice cream. That's the one thing i didn't like about it. Perhaps my freezer is too cool. I suggest leaving it out a while for the ice cream to soften a little for a smooth texture.

Again, this is not the best ice cream but is cheap and worth the price!

Ratings: 3!

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