Monday, July 23, 2012

Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

So my friend and I decided to try the ramen at Menya Musashi. This is a pretty well known ramen shop in Japan that recently came to Singapore. We went there on a Monday afternoon so there isn't really a long queue, only 4-5 people infront of us. The service is pretty quick and we waited around 5mins.

Piping hot green tea. Seriously hot. $1

I ordered the White Tsukemen (original) with Gyoza at $14.90. I love this ramen very much. It is slightly thicker and more springy than the other ramen I tried. The soup base is very rich with sweetness of the pork bones. The soup is slightly oily but it is so good! I think what really makes this bowl of ramen that awesome is the nitamago (boiled egg) with the semi liquid yolk. The two slices of pork/ chashu is well marinated with rings of visible fats. The layers of meat and fats is adds to the texture,  together with crunchy thinly slice strips of black fungus and a big piece of seaweed. 

The meat and vegetable filling in the gyoza is slightly juicy and tasted really good when dipped in the vinegar. I love the crispy skin with the meat and vegetables. This is pretty oily but nonetheless good.

This $14.90 meal is very filling and it is definitely worth the price. I heard the queue gets super long during weekends so you might like to drop by during weekdays if possible. I must say this is pretty sinful but definitely worth the calories.

Rating 4.5/5

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