Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rocky's Pizza and Pasta

Location: Block 106 Clementi Street 12 (Sunset Way) #01-60 Singapore 120106

Meetup with my primary schoolmates. We decided to visit Sunset Way since one of my friends worked there. She mentioned that Rocky's Pizza and pasta is pretty good, so we decided to try. The place is a little old school kinda of dining place. There isn't really much of a crowd, only another large family and a couple.

At first, I wasn't very impressed with the dirty menu but the food really makes me love the place.

A basket of chicken wings (4 wings and 4 drumlets) - $8.40 This aroma of the chicken makes me really hungry. I must say that this crispy and well marinated chicken is really one of the best I'd ever tasted in a long time. Perhaps it is because it is cooked and served instantly. The crispy skin and the tender and juicy meat is really savoury. We would order more if it wasn't that pricey.

Boston pizza 12" large - $26.20 They have the size on the pizza on the wall so it is pretty easy to see. This is a pretty big pizza for just the 3 of us and I had three slices. It makes me super full with carbohydrates and cheese. This is one of the best pizza I've eaten. As good or even better than Sarpinos.

Nothing better than a freshly baked pizza on a sunny afternoon. I love generous topping of mozarella cheese on the pizza!  Cheesy pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, sausages and beef with tomato base. Very juicy!

I was surprise that this two dish made me really full because I eat a lot usually. I definitely recommend the pizza! They do deliveries but I suggest eating there for the piping hot pizza. Check out Rocky's Pizza

Rating: 4.5/5

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurants @ Liang Court

My friend came back from Korea so we decided to meet up and have a little nice food. I saw the rating for the restaurant is pretty high and is 100% recommended on Hungrygowhere, (At that point when I visited the page) so I decided that we can check that place out ourselves. I heard another outlet opened at Bugis too.

A little excerpt from the Yayoiken website - "More than 125 years ago, a western food restaurant opened in Kayabacho, Tokyo. At a time when western cuisine was still rare in Japan, “Yayoiken”, as the restaurant was called, is said to have been cherished by many for its pioneering menus. The original owner was the grandfather of Sueyuki Shioi, the founder of Plenus Co., Ltd."

Back to our visit, the waitress that serve us was really a Japanese! I don't know why we both went a little crazy finding out that she is really from Japan but perhaps because in Singapore we are always served by locals who works in a Japanese restaurant that can only speak a sentence or two in Japanese. She is really friendly. We also found some Japanese people dining at the restaurant too.

Warm green tea - $1 This is good since we are ordering a lot of fried food.

Iced green tea - $1 This looks a bit like sugar cane drink and the picture on the menu looks like lime juice but this is really just green tea with ice.

I ordered the Oyako Don + Zaru Udon - $12.90 This is pretty cheap and the portion is filling!

There is a top layer of scrambled egg with chicken in in it. The egg is soft and fluffy and the chicken is tender with some fats and there are a lot of sweet onion. I heard the Oyako don is usually made by simmering marinated chicken with egg in soya sauce, sugar and mirin, so overall the don is slightly sweet but goes well with the rice.

This is my favourite dish in the set - Cold Udon. There is a cup of sauce to dip the udon into and it is really refreshing and mild tasting. The udon is the best I ever tasted, very springy. (I really mean that it is super springy)

Namban Ebi Fry Set - $14.90 The tempura is awesome! Ebi is really fresh and the teriyaki chicken is sweet and crispy.

Ebi Tempura - $8.90 We really love tempura so we ordered the Ebi side dish. The crisp of the Ebi tasted different from the Ebi fry set but nonetheless crispy. I love how that serve it with the tray, so extra oil drips to the bottom of the plate that makes it slightly less oily.

Gyoza - $4.90  The filling of the Gyoza is not as juicy as some I tasted and the skin is not really that crispy. It is pretty good dipped in vinegar.

Overall, the food is delicious, the staff are friendly, good ambiance and it isn't very pricey. For all the food we ordered, it costs around 50 bucks for 2 (with gst and service charge) which makes us really full. I'll definitely recommend this place.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai

Ramadan comes from the word Ramida which means scorching heat or dryness. This is the month of fasting and Muslim refrains from consuming food and liquids in daytime, until sun down.  Ramadan is a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice. Breaking fast at 7pm and you will see a large crowd starting to gather.

Location: Exit from the Paya Lebar station (opposite the Singpost) you can see giant tents with lots of stalls selling food.

The Ramadan Bazaar will last throughout the Ramadan period so be sure check out before they packed up.

#1Among this sea of food, there is a unique stall - Churro Brothers. Churros (a.k.a. spanish doughnuts) The dough, made of flour, water and salt is deep fried into a pastry. You can read about how the Churro Brothers started from their Facebook Page - Churro Brothers

My friend and I bought the Buddy combo of 6 Cinnamon Sugar, 2 Chocolate-filled and 2 Caramel-filled together with 3 different dips for $5. 

These Churros are fried on the spot. It took a few minutes but warm churros are worth the wait! This Churros are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It tasted like the ones I ate in Disneyland many years back! Absolute delight to find the same taste again. These Churros differs from the Disneyland ones though. They are shorter, kinda of like finger food.

Cinnamon flavored churro. I love these sugary cinnamon sticks.

I think the Churro Brothers forgot to fill them up with Chocolate or Candy Caramel so they were like original Churro. It's okay because we got the dips and it is still awesome!

The dips - Grandma's Apple Pie, Milky Chocolate, Candy Caramel. I love all the dips.

The grandma apple pie: You guessed it. Tasted like apple pie. Kinda of like sweet and slightly sour. Slight hint of cinnamon taste. This is a bit watery but nonetheless awesome.

Milky chocolate: Chocolate gooey goes well with churros! The dip is slightly thicker.

Caramel: Sweet and goes well with the cinnamon flavored churro!

Rating: 4.2/5

This are considered pretty cheap, thinking about how much work they have to do to make the dips and churros. I definitely recommend you to check out their stall.

Bandung $1. Free Magnum mini from doing short surveys for Prudential. Free food. I was craving for some ice cream. Haha.

#2 Takoyaki time.

When I saw the giant sign that says 6 for $2.50 I was like OMG. They usually sell them at 3 for $2.50 so it's like half price.

Takoyaki balls 6 for $2.50

These are surprisingly delicious. I really hate tako balls that are cooked to the core. This one is just nice. Slighlt crispy skin and soft doughy core. The prawns and squid are really small but for such a low price, this is definitely worth it.

Rating: 3.8/4

#3 Dendeng. This is a popular dish in Indonesia, kinda of like BBQ beef.

Dendeng -100g for $5.

That worked out to be like 2 slices. I find it very expensive but my friend said that it is a must try so I gave it a go. At first I thought it is similar to the Chinese Bakwa but I was wrong. The the texture is totally different. This one is like a soft version of beef jerky that is easy to tear into pieces. It is kinda of springy with a few lumps of fats in it. The thinly sliced and caramelized beef is pretty good.

Rating: 3.8/5

My first time eating Dendeng. Pretty yummy.

#3 My favourite Ramly burger. I'd been eating a lot of Ramly burgers in Singapore but recently heard that the Ramly burgers sold in Singapore are not "authentic". In Malaysia, they used a different kinda of beef that apparently taste more awesome.

Ramly beef burger at $3.

Made with a small slice of cheese, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and egg.

I'm not sure if this is the real deal but it sure taste pretty good. The beef patty is more peppery than the ones I usually eat and is more springy. Pretty messy to eat this but it is delicious.

Rating: 4/5

I think what I like about all the food I mentioned is that they are all made on the spot. Hot and fresh! Do drop by and look around. The Ramadan Bazaar is livelier than all the Pasar Malam I'd been to. It is kinda of warm and smoky but it is a great experience.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition @ The Art Science Museum

This is gonna be my first semi food related post. I'm gonna talk about the exhibition too. With all the politics going on, I'm still gonna wish Singapore a very happy 47th birthday. This is the place I grew up with my homies. Haha.

Anyway, a special post for the special day.

My friend and I visited the exhibition yesterday. There weren't much people present. Like around 20 or so.

Art science museum: Nearest MRT - Bayfront Station

Discount for Singaporeans - $20 per adult. Just present your IC when you buy at the ticketing booth.

Flying Ford Anglia at the entrance. This is the enchanted car that Ron stole from his dad to rescue Harry. I feel like rewatching all the Harry Potter series again.

The place was dark and along the passageway we can see Ron, Harry and Hermione lit on the wall.

That was all the pictures I'm allowed to take. I can't take any pictures once I entered the exhibition because I will be sent to Azkaban.

I shall talk about a few memorable things in the exhibition:

1)The first was the Hogwarts train. The train was really cool with the smoke effect. I really wish I could take a picture. Now, taking a train from the King's Cross station shall be on my bucket list.

2) The next was sitting on Hagrid's ginormous chair in his hut.

3) Next was pulling the mandrakes out the pot. They make the most shrieking and annoying sound ever but it is still pretty cool.

4) The last one is looking at the food at the Great Hall, together with all the cool treats that the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes sells. I want to eat the dummies. Lol. At this point I really wish that I can visit Universal Orlando or the Warner Bros. Studio.

The timed exhibition is an hour but we were done with it in 20 minutes or so, scrutinizing most items. We ended up spending more time in the shop. Haha.

I bought the Elder wand for $75 out of impulse. This is the wand that Dumbledor used. Pretty tempted to buy the Malfoy's wand.

Pretty sick.

Until I realized that the replica is made in China. Still, it is cool.

The Elder Wand - 15 inches long and has a Thestral tail-hair core. Made out of Elder wood. Nah. This is made of resin and is actually heavier than expected.

The details are pretty cool.

Moving on to the candies I bought. I actually bought 3 packs of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean at $6 each. This is quite a small pack though. 2 packs for my friends.

I was pretty stoked to do a review on them!

A closer look at the flavors available.

I really love the detail on the box. Cool.

Here are all the jelly beans in the pack. I got 1 black pepper, 1 green apple, 2 tutti-frutti, 1 candyfloss, 1 watermelon, 5 earthworms, 4 vomit, 3 dirt, 2 grass, 2 booger, 2 blueberry, 2 sausages, 2 rotten eggs, two earwax, 3 soap.

Yes it is not EVERY flavor beans. he ones that I don't have in my box are banana, cherry, cinnamon, marshmallow and lemon. Kinda disappointing because I don't have the yummy flavors! What's with all the dirt, vomit and earthworms!

From left to right, earthworm, vomit and dirt.

Earthworm: I don't know how earthworms taste like but these taste like herbs. While chewing these, I feel like I'm eating the earth. Earth flavor I guess.

Vomit: It is kinda of like sweet and sour veggie chemical like flavor. Weird. I guess someone regurgitated after eating sweet and sour fish with vegetables.

Dirt: This one is kinda like the earthworm. Herb tasting but a different kind of herb I guess.

I think the sweets are not really made of herbs because it is not under the ingredients. Artifical flavoring I guess.

Left to right: Grass, Booger, Blueberry.

Grass: Tasted like grass initially but after several chews, tasted like regular sugary jelly beans.
Booger: Tasted like ginseng initially, slowly losing the taste after several chews.
Blueberry: I like this one. Tasted like regular blueberry jellybeans. Yum!

Left to right: Tutti frutti, earwax, green apple.

Tutti-frutti: Kinda fruity but at some point, it smell kinda of like my grandma's ointment which is pretty strange.

Earwax: Omg this is disgusting. I spat out. I don't know how to describe it but it is a strange chemical smell that makes me feel nausea.

Green apple: Awesome green apples.

Left to right: Watermelon, black pepper, Soap.
Watermelon: Regular watermelon chew.

Black pepper: This is pretty strange. This has a ground pepper taste. Kinda of like you are chewing on some black pepper chicken chops and then you eat jellybeans at the same time. There is still a lingering peppery taste after I finished the bean.

Soap: It has a dishwashing liquid smell, kinda of like mama lemon but it is not bitter at all. It is like I'm drinking soap.

Candyfloss, sausage, rotten eggs.

Candyfloss: This is my favorite flavor in the pack. Absolute delight to have at least an amazing bean in the pack.

Sausage: Has a slight sausage taste initially but for some reason, after a few chews, tasted like grass jelly. Haha.

Rotten egg: Spat this one out too. Tasted like the earwax flavor. Horrible!

Creativity Rating: 5/5
Taste rating: 1/5

These are nasty beans!  Out of curiosity, I tried this one out. I actually feel kinda of sick after eating them. If these aren't Harry Potter food, I would never have eaten them. Not gonna try them again.

It is a pity that the shop only sells Chocolate frogs and Every Flavor Beans. I would love to try butterbeer and rest of the candies if I have the chance. The chocolate frogs are also selling at $6, which is not really worth it. Kinda of like a super small regular milk chocolate with rice crisp in the shape of the frog with a wizard card.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Confused cook? @ Arab Street

Chilling out with my friends at Arab Street.

Location: 25 Arab Street, Singapore, Singapore 199724

It was still under renovation when we were there. I love the paintings on the wall and their effort to promote local art. We do have amazing artist in this country and they need to be heard.  It was rather dimly lit in the cosy cafe so the following pictures were edited for clarity (Sorry for the noise, I have to push for the brightness).

Wanton prawn - $10 (5's) This is a must try appetizer. It has boiled eggs and prawn and pineapple bits in it it. I love how the different texture of the ingredients topped with mayonnaise stuffed into the crispy cup of wanton skin. 

Really creamy and appetizing.

Next up, Fish N Chips - $12

Crispy golden brown fish fillet. The fish fillet is very tender and fresh. It breaks easily so it is really easy to cut. I love the crispy fries too. They have a cup of wasabi mayo sauce that is not too strong and it goes really well with the fries.

It goes well with the salsa sides too, which is kinda sour.

Gammon Ham Steak - $16 This is the new dish that they have. French beans, tomatoes, lettuce, pineapple, egg, and ham. The ham taste like vegetarian meat to me so I don't really fancy it. My friends like it though. The poached egg is good. The portion of this dish is not filling so you might want to order a few more sides.

The pineapple is sandwich between the egg and ham. I really can't describe the taste of the sauce but it is kinda sweet. The waitress mentioned that it is a secret recipe.

This is the chicken confit. I forgot the price but I think it is around $16. The chicken is very juicy and tender. Starchy sauce and marinated sauce. My favourite main dish.

I don't thick you can see it but the orange stuff is mashed sweet potatoes. Very delicious.

Crackling pork belly - $18 If you order this, be prepared for a long wait of 30mins. The pork is slowly toasted. I love the large fresh scallops. This rice is sweet with pear bits and raisin. The skin of the pork is very tough and is very very hard to chew. The meat on the other hand is springy.

A little research on the internet shows that the pork belly is 92% fats and 8% protein. For me, I think this pork belly is more like 40% fat and 60% meat, which isn't that bad. Still you might want to remove some of the fat layers.

Chocolate mouuse - $6.80 The portion is very small, placed in a champagne coupe but it is very savory. Thick and slightly bitter cocoa goes really well with the strawberries. If it cost $2, I would order 10 cups of this delicious gooey sweetness.

Panna Cotta - Around $12. I really love this italian dessert. It looks like caramel pudding but the texture is completely different. This is thick gelatin custard that is really creamy and is perfect with the caramel sauce. Must try dessert.

Rating: 4.2/5

Overall this is a really great place to go to! Great ambiance, the waitresses are very friendly and the best part is there are no service charge nor gst. The only complain I have is that the portions of some dishes are a little too small.