Sunday, August 5, 2012

Confused cook? @ Arab Street

Chilling out with my friends at Arab Street.

Location: 25 Arab Street, Singapore, Singapore 199724

It was still under renovation when we were there. I love the paintings on the wall and their effort to promote local art. We do have amazing artist in this country and they need to be heard.  It was rather dimly lit in the cosy cafe so the following pictures were edited for clarity (Sorry for the noise, I have to push for the brightness).

Wanton prawn - $10 (5's) This is a must try appetizer. It has boiled eggs and prawn and pineapple bits in it it. I love how the different texture of the ingredients topped with mayonnaise stuffed into the crispy cup of wanton skin. 

Really creamy and appetizing.

Next up, Fish N Chips - $12

Crispy golden brown fish fillet. The fish fillet is very tender and fresh. It breaks easily so it is really easy to cut. I love the crispy fries too. They have a cup of wasabi mayo sauce that is not too strong and it goes really well with the fries.

It goes well with the salsa sides too, which is kinda sour.

Gammon Ham Steak - $16 This is the new dish that they have. French beans, tomatoes, lettuce, pineapple, egg, and ham. The ham taste like vegetarian meat to me so I don't really fancy it. My friends like it though. The poached egg is good. The portion of this dish is not filling so you might want to order a few more sides.

The pineapple is sandwich between the egg and ham. I really can't describe the taste of the sauce but it is kinda sweet. The waitress mentioned that it is a secret recipe.

This is the chicken confit. I forgot the price but I think it is around $16. The chicken is very juicy and tender. Starchy sauce and marinated sauce. My favourite main dish.

I don't thick you can see it but the orange stuff is mashed sweet potatoes. Very delicious.

Crackling pork belly - $18 If you order this, be prepared for a long wait of 30mins. The pork is slowly toasted. I love the large fresh scallops. This rice is sweet with pear bits and raisin. The skin of the pork is very tough and is very very hard to chew. The meat on the other hand is springy.

A little research on the internet shows that the pork belly is 92% fats and 8% protein. For me, I think this pork belly is more like 40% fat and 60% meat, which isn't that bad. Still you might want to remove some of the fat layers.

Chocolate mouuse - $6.80 The portion is very small, placed in a champagne coupe but it is very savory. Thick and slightly bitter cocoa goes really well with the strawberries. If it cost $2, I would order 10 cups of this delicious gooey sweetness.

Panna Cotta - Around $12. I really love this italian dessert. It looks like caramel pudding but the texture is completely different. This is thick gelatin custard that is really creamy and is perfect with the caramel sauce. Must try dessert.

Rating: 4.2/5

Overall this is a really great place to go to! Great ambiance, the waitresses are very friendly and the best part is there are no service charge nor gst. The only complain I have is that the portions of some dishes are a little too small. 

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