Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chocolate Time

Warning: This is an extremely long post.

My family and I got a lot of chocolate during Christmas so I decided to share some of them. Here are some chocolate that I ate, skipping all those common ones like toblerone, mars and snickers.

Ritter sport - Yogurt Flavor

I usually eat chocolate that are pretty common and it's the first time I tasted a yogurt flavor chocolate. (Pardon my teeth mark) It is not as strong as real yogurt. This is pretty mild, slightly sour creamy yogurt with a layer of milk chocolate.

Trefin seashells.

Not only are they good looking, they are delicious as well. A outer layer of white and milk chocolate with soft gooey center of hazelnut chocolate. This is pretty sweet with slight hint of cocoa. One of my favorites.

Royce' Pure Chocolate.

One thing about japanese packaging is that they are so meticulous with the details and most offers creative packaging that is easy to open and looks amazing as well.

This is just plain milk chocolate. Surprisingly, it is not too sweet like the average milk chocolate. This one has a slight bitter taste of cocoa and is slightly sweet. Very smooth chocolate.

Time for some belgium chocolate. Belgium Mini Choc's Noir

I love dark chocolate. This one is bitter dark chocolate. I don't know why it tasted a little minty when there is no mint in it. My mind is playing tricks on me.

Meiji Meltykiss - Green Tea Flavor

Easy to open and cute packaging.

There is a very rich, milky and creamy green tea taste. My tongue feels it drank a cup of milk green tea. There is a thin layer of cocoa powder on the outside that gives a very slight hint of cocoa.

Meiji Meltykiss - Milk

Not really fond of this flavor. Taste like ordinary milk chocolate.

Meiji Meltykiss -Strawberry

If I were to choose among the flavors of Meiji's Meltykiss, it would be strawberry.  I love the sweet and sour strawberry, creamy and milky chocolate.

Delfi Chocolatier - Mousse Chocolate

The rectangles are pretty huge. I think I prefer those chocolate bars with smaller squares. This is pretty chunky and because it is so big, I find it a little too cloying, The outer chocolate is sweet, so is the smooth mousse in the center. Just too sweet to my liking.

Twix.  I think I seen this a lot but have never tried it before.

After eating all those chocolate above, I think Twix is no match for the chocolate brand. This taste like cheap biscuit with sugar. Caramel is plain sugary and the thin layer of chocolate taste like sugar as well.

That sums up my chocolate review.

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