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Few months back, I bought a Takoyaki maker from Groupon at $29.90 and I finally get to use it. Anyway, let me review the pros and cons of this machine.


  • Sturdy metal pans (Yes) The 20-holes pan is pretty heavy with a solid feel.
  • Easy to clean. I really thought it would be a hassle to clean but surprisingly, the leftovers on the pan came off easily with a wet sponge.
  • Easy to use: Only on and off switch
  • Cheap!
  • The is only a single temperature to it. Takoyaki took awhile to cook, around 10-15 minutes. (pretty slow for me) Wish there were a few temperature settings available.
  • The white plastic gets really hot! 
  • The first I cooked it, there was a plastic smell but the second and third time was fine.

I bought all of the ingredients from Meidi-Ya market in Liang Court (except for the spring onion). Meidi-Ya do deliveries too so you can check it out here

Address: 177 River Valley Road #B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre

I thought some readers might be interested in the prices so here is a price list:

Marutomo Katsuo (Bonito flakes) - $5.30
Nico Anori (Seaweed) - $1.90
Octopus - $6.10
Nissin Takoyaki flour - $7.10
Ikari Takoyaki Sauce - $5.30
Laughing Cow Belcubes Cheese- $3.95
Spring onion - $0.80

Takoyaki Ingredients ( 25-30 balls)

1) Octopus cubes - (depends on you)
2) Bonito flakes (Marutomo Katsuo)
3) Seaweed (Nico Anori)
4 Takoyaki flour - 150g
5) Takoyaki Sauce
6) Mayonnaise
7) Spring onions - 1 stalk
8) Water - 450cc
9) An egg
10) Oil  (to grease the pan.)

Prepare the ingredients.

Step 1) Cut the octopus into smaller cubes.

2) Sieve the flour to prevent lumps.

3) Mix the 150g of takoyaki flour, 1 egg  and 450cc water together. Stir the batter well to prevent lumpy texture. Add in spring onions. (Note: no need to add salt or other seasoning because the takoyaki flour already contains them)

4) Grease the pan with oil to prevent sticking (Makes it easier to flip.)

5) Pour the batter on to the metal pan. You should flood the pan with batter (unlike the picture shown here.) It takes a while to cook on these pan.

6) Add in the toppings (octopus, cheese) into batter.

7) When the underside of the batter brows, turn the ball 90 degrees.

8) The trick is just to fill the holes and keep turning until it becomes round!

9) Top it with Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

10) Sprinkle on bonito flakes and seaweed.

Personally, I like my takoyaki balls to be crispy on the outside and a little moist and soft on the inside and I'm really glad it turned out well. Very delicious! The best part of making Takoyaki balls on your own is that you can have a generous amount of sauce, octopus and cheese. Yummylicious.

Check out how to make takoyaki by runnyrunny999 too.

Try it!

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