Thursday, July 3, 2014

Neighbourhood food: Jurong East

I'm back after a long hiatus. I'd been eating a lot of good food but failed to document them due to sheer laziness. I shall continue my food hunt.

This time round, I'm going to introduce some food stalls with a variety of food.

By bus:
Buses there - Bus 51, 66, 78, 78A, 79, 97, 97E, 143, 176, 197, 333 and 335
Bus stop code: 28431

By train
From Jurong East MRT station: 5-10 mins walk from Exit A

1) 宜家筵 Seafood Restaurant

Fried bee hoon with pig leg and mushroom.- $8

This is one large plate of bee hoon. It tasted a little like the canned pig trotters that can be bought from the supermarket. Maybe they have 2 cans worth of pig trotters in here because the meat portion is pretty generous. It taste pretty decent but not the best I've tasted. They serve better Hor fun and Xin Zhou Bee Hoon.

Szechuan soup - $4.50

The Sze Chuan Soup has a thick consistency and it is appetizing. A little spicy and sour with tofu, carrots, ginger, mushrooms. Pretty nice to dip the dumplings in and I tried it together with the bee hoon (which was a little dry) and it goes well together.


Here comes my favourite food store. 

Shandong dumpling - 12 pieces for $5

Introducing the must try food here! This stall is opened by the mainland Chinese (PRC) and it tasted really delicious unlike most that tasted really horrendous. There is always queue during dinner time and the Shan Dong dumplings are a must-try.

The dumpling skin is not too thick and I just love it when the soup flows out when I bite it. It is very moist and I love the sweetness of the pork with ginger and vinegar. The meat filling are made with pork and chives.

Fried dumpling - 12 pieces for $5

You can peek through and see the meat in it. This is very juicy and savoury with an extra crispy skin. I just love juicy meat. Give it a go.