Monday, August 25, 2014

Ministry Of Food @ Jurong Point

Having some food at Ministry of Food, level 3 Jurong Point. Here, a variety of food are served such as Japanese, Italian and Western.

Oysters - 4 for $8 (MOF members)

I was expecting a lot but sadly it disappoints. The oysters were not that fresh and I bite on a large grain of sand. 

Carbonara Creamoso $14.90 + egg yolk ($1)

I haven't had Carbonara for a really long time. This tasted really fantastic during the first two bites. The bacon and the heavy cream mixed with the egg yolk. Everything went downhill from there as it got really cloying and I downed a few cups of water.

Service was pretty fast considering the crowd. It took around 8 minutes wait for my oysters and carbonara. One good thing about eating here is the short wait. There are tons of tables even at peak hours. The food is decent but not that spectacular in my opinion.

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